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NUS Module Review: ES1103 English for Academic Purposes

Content: 8/10

Provides good English foundation & useful academic writing resources. Teaches a wide range of topics (17 total for 17 tutorials, the extra tutorials are consultations, feedback sessions, etc.).

Workload: 3/10

5 CAs are just 2 essays, 1 full essay and another split into 4 parts – First half, First half but better (after peer review), Second half, Combined. Generally, each CA takes about 2-3 days depending on your efforts. Weekly tutorial takes an hour or less to prepare if you want to. Peer review takes half a day to flame help your partners. Text analysis takes about 2 days to prepare powerpoint + analyse text.

Experience: 8/10

This varies between different sessions, but my prof is so nice and friendly. She doesn’t force any participation and her tutorials are just chill. I’m normally anxious in social setting, but the tutorials are so relaxed, and I somehow find myself contributing whenever I feel like it. Compared to GP lessons back in JC, this is so much better. Honestly, it is about the mentality going in, if you keep thinking this module is useless and you are forced to take it, you probably won’t learn and enjoy it.

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