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NUS Module Review: ES1531 GEK1549 GET1021 Critical Thinking and Writing

This is a compulsory module for all engineering students, except those who are in special programmes such as RCs, USPs, etc. This module is offered by CELC and covers about the aspects of engineering leadership in the view of Rottmanian model, as well as proposing solutions regarding to current engineering-related issues. The content of this module may be enjoyable to some, but not the others, including me. Therefore, I prepared my SU for this module since day 1.

Dr. Lira is actually an engaging instructor, and I think the best instructor I ever got in NUS thus far since I somehow always have pretty negative impressions for instructors from CELC. She could make the content of this module less boring for me and could stay listening for two hours straight.

The first assignment is an individual writing. You will be given an article of a leader, and you should analyze his/her strength and weaknesses by using Rottmanian model. The second assignment is a group project, creating an essay of solution proposal to tackle a real-world engineering-related issue. The third assignment is a reflection paper.

TLDR: If you cannot write an English essay properly, just ignore this module, sufficiently do your assignments, and SU.

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