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NUS Module Review: ES1541 SP1541 Exploring Science Communication through Popular Science

ES1541 is the fairly new writing module introduced back in 2013 to develop the written and verbal communication skills of science students. As you might infer from the module name, you will be expected to write a lot, and present a lot.

The popular science part comes in the form of 5 popular science books from different disciplines, and the idea is to analyse how these books communicated obscure scientific knowledge to the general public in an accessible way, then applying what you have learnt in your presentations and essay.

It is compulsory for all science students to take this module, unless you are part of a programme which already offers a writing module in their curriculum, e.g. Utown programmes.

You can decide whether you want to take the module in your first, second or third year, although I would recommend clearing it in your first year, not only because of the lower bid points, but also because it is a requirement to go on overseas exchange.

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