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NUS Module Review: GEK1508 Einstein’s Universe & Quantum Weirdness

Group Project: 30%
Mid Terms: 20%
Finals: 30%
Star Gazing: 5%
Tutorial Assignment: 5%
Forum Participation: 10%

You need h2 physics to do well in this mod. Which is why i suffered so badly because i only took h1 physics. If you take h2 physics, you will like understand 80% of the content of this mod.

Group project is like writing a story or reviewing a book. Our group picked writing a story and it was really fun.

Mid terms and finals are actually not hard but because i don’t understand the content, it turned out to not be easy.

Star gazing is quite interesting. Just turn up at the nus open field on specific nights and fill up the star gazing sheet and get full score.

Tutorial assignments are easy, the prof will always be willing to share answers for the assignments.

Forums just post as often as possible and hit 10 posts and you will get full score.

Expected grade: ready to SU
Actual grade: B

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