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NUS Module Review: GEK2044 / AR2225 Reading Visual Images

2 x Quiz: 30%
Tutorial Performance: 20%
Term Paper: 50%

Easy mod. Basically just go for lecture, the prof will explain and analyse all the images during the lecture itself and these images will appear during the quizzes. If you dont go for lecture, you will not know what is happening during the quiz itself. I took this module, preparing to su it.

The quizzes have 6 images each, you have 5min to explain and analyse each of these images. All of the images will appear in the lectures. You just need to study about 70 images per quiz and them vomit them out during the quiz.

Tutorial performance is basically presentation during tutorial. Get everything off google, loads of educated people have analysed these images before already so just get a spin off their explanation.

The term paper is more technical. Requires a lot of research and detailed analysis. Though i was planning to su the mode, i put in quite a lot of effort to make sure my paper was decent, turns out to be way better than decent.

Expected grade: prepared to SU
Actual grade: A

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