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NUS Module Review: GEM2027 GET1008 Public Speaking & Critical Reasoning

Good for people who:

– like to write and speak i( you will be speaking in front of your classmates)

– want to learn how to become a better speaker

– Able to keep up the momentum and write, rehearse, and draft a different kind of speech every alternate week.

– you will basically have to deliver speeches of genres : commemorative, informative, and persuasive, and a critique. Each will have a time limit.

This module is not light, there is also a reflection project and mid term quiz apart from the 4 speeches you have to write and present in front of class.

i personally found it rewarding because i like to write and speak.

When taking this module you cannot be unwilling to speak in front of people who are actively listening and writing feedback for you! use it as an opportunity to develop!

It’s a one of a kind module, and i enjoyed it!

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