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NUS Module Review: GEM2900 Understanding Uncertainty and Stats Thinking

This is an extremely light module, probably one of the lightest

module in NUS. It is divided into two equal portions. It helps if you

are good in maths, or more precisely, probability. This module is known

for being extremely easy, though I thought otherwise after completing

the finals. I heard that things have changed and this module is no

longer as easy as before. My friend found the paper tough too. Overall

this is definitely a very light module inspite of the increased

difficulty. The final may not be as easy, but it helps if you are good

at permutations and probability type of questions (similar to the stats

portion of H2 maths). Only statistics major are precluded. Maths people

weren’t precluded, hence the familiar PRC faces. I skipped more than

half of the lectures as they were webcast, and were at 8am in the

morning. I was prepared to SU this module hence the negligible amount of

effort put in. Not an easy module to score your As unless you are good

at permutations and maths in general. Otherwise a definite must take

module if you are just aiming to SU like myself. This GEM satisfy both

the art and science requirement.

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