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NUS Module Review: GEQ1000 Asking Questions

Difficulty: Negligible

Grade Obtained: CS

Lecturers: Various lecturers

This is module is under the Asking Questions pillar in the GE curriculum and is preallocated unless you have taken some other GEQ module. Luckily, the workload is light.

For a start, this module introduces the different modes of questioning from the perspective of different disciplines; computational thinking, design thinking, engineering, philosophy, science, and the social sciences.

To me, it feels like an exposure module to other faculties and disciplines and their line of questioning when solving problems.


Like GER1000, there are video lectures for each segment. The video lectures are quite long and slow so I usually just 2 – 4x speed though or skip through some of them. Some of them are quite interesting (the game of trust in the econs segment) and some others are more complicated and abstract.


Tutorials happen once every fortnight and are quite chill, usually, the tutor will just go through some of the concepts of the segment for the week and have us do some exercises to “experience and understand” what was meant in the video lectures. You can survive the tutorials without any prep (watching the lectures) at all but skimming through the lectures or even having a basic understanding would make the tutorial session less boring.

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