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NUS Module Review: GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning


Group Project Part 1 (10%)

Group Project Part 2 (35%)

Weekly Quizzes (25%)

Final Exams (20%)

Participation (10%)

Ohhhh goshhh where do I even start… GER is honestly a mess since I haven’t touch math since Secondary School and I really hate anything that deal with probability. The module is definitely a pain to a humanities kid like me with all the JC people wrecking the bell curve. I was really surprise for the A- because I thought I did average overall and wasn’t expecting an A- at all. There are 5 big topics that the module covered which include association, Design of Studies, Sampling, Uncertainty and More on observation studies. Understanding those topic was a torture since the concepts taught were almost alien to me and the lecture notes/scripts given are 100 slides long and I don’t want to waste my time watching the lecture, so I chose to read the slides instead. But I guess, it was the weekly quiz that help me eventually… The tutor is wonderful and patient, so I managed to clarify a lot of concepts with him and I think having a good tutor would really help a humanities student especially.

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