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NUS Module Review: GES1010 SSA2204 Nation Building in Singapore

Tutorials (20%)

Tutorials are held once every other week, and attendance is taken. There are marks for class participation so make sure to speak up every tutorial, seeing as there are only 4. Prepare for tutorials by reading the readings (can be quite a lot) and discuss the questions in groups. Short group presentation and comments from the tutor

Assignment CA1 (10%)

Supposed to be timed on IVLE but was changed to a take-home test instead. Given around 7 days to complete, submit on Turnitin, complete with in-text citations and bibliography.

You are staffing the SG60 Diamond Jubilee (for the year 2025) working committee. As part of a collection of key historical moments in Singapore’s national history, you have been asked to put together a first-hand account (by a witness or participant) of Separation, and its immediate aftermath. The committee expects a history that highlights the immediacy of the event through personal voices and experiences, and not a mere regurgitation of published books and / or articles. The committee also expects a separate submission explaining the main messages of your history and the choices of primary sources.

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