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NUS Module Review: GES1010 SSA2204 Nation Building in Singapore

Tutorial Attendance and Participation: 20%

CA1 Take Home Essay: 10%

CA2 Research Essay: 20%

Final Exam: 50%

This module was my first that required writing essays and I haven’t written an essay since GP in JC, much less History essays which I last wrote in Sec 4. Needless to say, my essay writing skills were quite rusty. This module is generally ok, workload is not heavy, requires you to analyse and form opinions on historical/current events and link it to nation building. It was a very interesting module for me as it showed me differing perspectives about Singapore. It is actually not boring to be honest, if you are open to challenging your perspectives of Singapore history. Overall, a very fun. Only drawback was the lack of practices.

You will be competing against History majors and seniors (Cohort 2014 and before) who are taking it to fulfill their HY major or SSA requirements respectively. Not sure how the bell curve is like as no median marks are published.

Somehow I did quite well despite not studying as hard as I wish I did? Perhaps a bit of luck haha. Took this module because some of my friends who took this module before ‘easily’ got good grades of B+ and above.

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