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NUS Module Review: GES1011 / SSA2211 The Evolution of a Global City-State

Class Participation: 20%
Continual Assessment 1: 20%
Continual Assessment 2: 20%
Finals: 40%

This is the non core mod i took in sem 1. The name of the mod sounds pretty interesting right, evolution of global city state. Understanding how singapore evolved and grew since independence. Understanding how LKY changed singapore. How the economy grew. How the other sectors grew. Everything sounded too nice. I wanted to take this mod because i thought it would have a better understanding of how the singapore economy grew since independence. I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. This mod brings us back to 1299. Like year 1299 when san utama found the lion and found singapura. This mod then slowly bring us through the timeline of 1299 to present singapore and goes through the actual founding date of singapore. Raffles, lky and many other prominent figures came into the story and argument as well. I was a little disappointed to see that we have to start from 1299 again. The run up to present day was touched on so little. Its sad i took this mod.

Class part is 20% and coming from biz school, i really have a huge advantage in class part. The other students from the other facs were really quiet. I completely dominated class part and i know i did damn well for it.

There are 2 individual assignments for this mod- ca1 and ca2. Both are essays submission but its relatively easy to complete. Both takes about a day to complete and edit? I have no notes from any seniors but i found it quite ok to understand the content and piecing it into an essay.

Finals is 40%. If i recall it correctly, there was 2 parts for the paper. The first paper was 4 questions and you can pick any 2 and complete them. The 2nd part was 2 questions and you can pick any 1 to do. All 3 of the questions were essay. H2 history back in jc trained me too well. This paper was supposed to be damn time constrained. Most people did not complete the paper on time or they did not put in enough content and analysis into their essays. I managed to complete the paper with legit content and fluff. A lot of the people that take this mod arent local so i guess locals taking this mod will have some sort an advantage because we have memory of the history of singapore. I took h2 history back in jc, so i have a lot of advantage i guess. This mod is manageable but if you really wanna push for an a, i think theres a lot of memorising and analysing to do.

Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: A-

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