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NUS Module Review: GET1004 Cyber Security

This semester, the only zoom lessons are the 5 E-sessions conducted by Professor Yu, while the rest was pre-recorded from last AY. There are a total of 4quizzes (2.5% each) conducted during the start of the E-session each week. Quiz content will usually be something Prof Yu mentioned during the previous week’s E-session or hidden in one of the links he has put inside the slides for self-reading. The lessons can be skipped after the quiz as they are quite dry and are uploaded onto Luminus which i will recommend watching at 1.5x speed to look out for things Prof Yu emphasises on because they might be tested the following week.

One thing I have to mention is that most of the content which will be tested are based on self-reading as Prof Yu will include a lot of links inside the slides and will put only a minority of test-able content in the actual slides itself. Overall, I found this module quite interesting so I read almost all the links he put. However, I know a lot of my peers found doing so tedious and since Prof Yu will usually provide a lot of anecdotal evidence for the content instead of elaborating in a technical way, it is quite hard to prepare for the tests effectively. Nevertheless, if you have some programming background, most questions in the tests can be answered using some common sense and reading through the slides.

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