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NUS Module Review: GET1023 GEX1010 Thinking Like An Economist

GET1023 is an easy mod if you are willing to pay attention for 3 hours each week and spend a little time everyday reading. There is not even a need to take note. As Dr.Georgios Georgiou likes to say: “Please do the weekly reading.” That’s enough.

There are 12 chapters in total. The first 5 are easy to read; the other 7 get lengthy and may not be as intuitive. Each chapter comes with some readings – some are already scanned and uploaded, some you will need to find on your own. Check IVLE for the reading list.

This is a General Module so you won’t find past year exam materials readily lying around. In fact, the Department do their best to prevent leaking. There would be some model questions/answers uploaded before each exam but do not at all expect the actual paper to come out that way. “Would you do the harder questions first or the easier questions first ?” and “Explain the proximate and ultimate factors that led to the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire.” are equally likely to be set. Again, pay attention during lectures and do your readings diligently.

Mid-term should be outrageously long so be prepared. Final is more manageable.

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