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NUS Module Review: HR2002 Human Capital in Organizations

HR2002 is a compulsory module for all Engineering students and is worth 3MCs. It basically talks about topics such as globalisation, industrial relations, organisational structure and culture, career etc.

The lecture notes are short and might seem obvious at times too. But going to the lecture reveals what the lecturer actually wants to convey which goes beyond the notes. Lectures are pretty interesting as, lecturer Lowe Joo Yong often shares his personal experiences, stories etc.

The module is graded as such:

– CA1 Learning Contribution: 15%

– CA2 Group Project: 35%

– Part 1 – Presentation: 15%

– Part 2 – Report: 20%

– Final Exam: 50%

Learning contributions comes from tutorial participation. Group project is based on one of the lecture topics, where you interview industry professionals, gather insights and then write a short paper on the findings and your analysis. The project also involves a 20-30 mins classroom presentation.

Final exam involves writing 2 essays which are reflective in nature. See the past year papers for examples.

Overall a manageable and interesting module.

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