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NUS Module Review: LAB1201 Bahasa Indonesia

I admit it wasn’t a language I took purely out of interest. Didn’t have many other options due to constraints in bidding points. Nonetheless, I had a great lecturer and tutor who made the whole experience very enjoyable. Compared to other more popular languages (korean, jap, french etc), I would say that the pace for LAB in comparison was much more manageable. (not fair right?) idk if it’s some strategy to discourage people who want to take the more popular languages or ???

Anyway, both midterms and finals were of average difficulty, as long as you did study, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Lots of opportunities to practice in class anyway. The most nerve-wrecking part of this module or any language module for that matter, is the oral component in the finals. I found it to be much more difficult when you’re just starting out on a new language. But since half the oral test was done with a partner of your choice and I did it with a close friend of mine, it really helped to boost my confidence and was actually kinda fun on hindsight. Don’t worry even if you’re doing this module without a friend. All the partners in my tutorial group became good friends eventually, even if they didn’t know each other at first. The other half of the oral test is to narrate a story relevant to a random topic given to you (individual). Your partner will then ask you 2 questions pertaining to your story. I guess having your partner beside you helps quite a bit; moral support 

There was some written homework given nearly weekly. But the length required for the essay was not unreasonable, and can often be done in less than 30 minutes. Oh, nearly forgot to mention the highlight of this module. A cultural night. You can sign up for any project group, provided there are still vacancies. There is cooking, dance, angklung, skit performance etc. Cooking is consistently the most popular one every semester it seems. You’ll get to learn traditional Indonesian food, dance etc depending on which you signed up for. Then you’ll get to display your efforts during a cultural night performance in one of the LTs. Pretty fun experience and I enjoyed the practice sessions. Didn’t feel very burdensome cos teammates were great to work with. I think regardless of which group you signed up for, you’ll probably enjoy it!

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