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NUS Module Review: LSM1306 GEK1542 Forensic Science

This module goes on the basics of biological concepts in Forensic Science. I take this module to fulfill my Science Module requirement for my Mathematics Major because of night slots and low workload.

The 4 hour lecture is actually only ~2 hour, from 7PM to 9PM, with 10 minutes of in class quiz (if there is one). The lecture goes on concepts such as DNA, fingerprints, guns and many else. Every lecturers are one of the most passionate lecturers that I have found so far; it is clear that they enjoy forensics and like to share. It is common to watch shows like crimewatch in class to relate with the concepts taught. Every 2 weeks, there will be a quiz. Since the lecture notes are not complete and there are no webcasts (many private data shown), please pay attention to score well. The quiz consists of 10 MCQs in 10 minutes, but it is doable if someone pays attention.

The practical is about recording a fingerprint, with equipments supplied from NUS itself. There are procedural videos in LumiNUS, so just follow these and you should be good.

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