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NUS Module Review: PL1101E Introduction to Psychology


Lectures were recorded but only posted during the recess week/reading week. Be sure to attend! Lecture recordings were good revision for midterms and finals, especially under Prof Nina as she structures the examinations around her lecture rather than around the textbook. You should read the textbook around the lecture. Only stuff mentioned in the lecture and the textbook areas pertaining to it would be tested. However I think there may have been 1 or 2 renegade mcq questions that were in slightly obscure areas of the textbook. Anyway, if you listen to Prof Nina, study the definitions in the textbook pertaining to her lectures, you will be fine. Prof Nina is also very clear in her articulation and explanation. She teaches this module in a less content heavy method, rather emphasising on the real world applications of the areas in psychology.


There is no class participation for tutorials. Tutorials were interesting and are designed to pique interest into the fields of psychology with an application-based focus. Materials covered in the tutorials are examinable however, albeit in mcqs.

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