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NUS Module Review: PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I

Personally, I felt that the first half of the module was basically a rehash of GER1000 with some additional content. After recess week, the module focused heavily on statistics and statistical tests. Topics covered include experimental & non-experimental research methods and design, research ethics & APA, SPSS, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics (hypothesis testing, t-tests, etc.), and nonparametric statistics.

Lectures were recorded for this semester, and there were pre-recorded videos by the prof as well. The former mainly served as a recap and Q&A session for the module. Tutorials were conducted by graduate students, and unlike PL1101E, there were worksheets to attempt prior to attending the tutorials. During the tutorial sessions, the tutor would then go through the questions in the worksheet. My tutor was really great at engaging the class, and he often shared his personal experiences to help us understand how the stuff taught in the module could be used in practice.

The module had biweekly timed quizzes, each of them testing on content delivered in the past two weeks. There was also a worksheet with 100 marks’ worth of SAQs, testing on the component of the module before recess week, as well as a research paper. Both the worksheet and research paper were released since week 1 of the module, so you could start on them early on if you wanted to. Unlike most other PL modules, textbook readings wasn’t compulsory for PL2131 (at least for this semester), and watching the pre-recorded videos would be sufficient in securing an A grade in the module. There were no midterms and finals for this semester.

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