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NUS Module Review: PL2132 Research and Statistical Methods II

Conducted partially online – Online lectures, Physical tutorials

Lecturer – Dr. Melvin Yap


Module participation (5%)

Quizzes x5 (3% each)

Group project (50%)

Finals (30%)

This module heavily focused on ANOVA and Regression. Dr. Yap lectures were very short and succinct and were all pre-recorded online for your own convenient viewing. Module participation just required us to do surveys (2 of them iirc) that Dr. Yap posted on Luminus. Dr. Yap is a great lecturer and he responds to questions posted on the forums very frequently.

There were 5 quizzes throughout the semester. These were very low-stake quizzes and serve as a knowledge-checker of sorts. As long as you watch the lecture and internalise what was taught, the quizzes would not be an issue.

Finals were MCQ and covered everything throughout the semester. It was difficult (T.T). The calculations were not insanely difficult, but I had quite the trouble with it as what was taught was very abstract and difficult to understand (FOR ME). I managed to answer every question with 30 seconds to spare. It is important to review tutorials and do the lecture homework (questions posted on forum for learning).

Overall, this module is definitely difficult especially if you hate mathematics. However, constant review of what was taught and doing the lecture homework will help with your learning. The group project is also difficult but with good groupmates, the experience will be enjoyable.

Expected grade: A-

Actual grade: A-

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