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Conducted fully online

Lecturer – Dr. Qin Lili


Term paper (20%)

Group project (20%)

Tut participation (10%)

MCQ quiz (20%)

Finals (30%)

This module covers the development from conception till adolescence and early adulthood. Content taught is not very difficult and Dr. Qin is extremely patient and friendly and welcomes questions after lectures. There were 5 tutorials sessions where previous weeks lecture contents would be further explored and discussed on. There is no group presentation as the group project is a group paper to be submitted online.

The term paper is very flexible. There is a weekly log portion (reflections after lecture/tut) and a short 3-paged (double-spaced) paper on something we found interesting throughout the semester from the weekly log. The flexibility of this assignment made it enjoyable to do.

The group project would require us to pick 1 of 3 question options and write a paper together as a group. The paper was then due in week 11. My group was very happy to work together, and the project was not difficult to complete. Compared to past modules in NUS, this group project does not require a lot of time and is definitely manageable.

MCQ quiz and Finals test the content taught throughout the semester. Finals were essay-based questions. As long as you review frequently what was taught weekly you would have no problems with these 2 assessments.

Overall, this module is very interesting and fun. Dr. Qin is an amazing lecturer as well. The average scores for all components except the finals were made known and were quite high. The finals is what really determines your grade the most.

Expected grade: B

Actual grade: B+

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