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Reflection Essay (30%) – 1,000 words due week 6

Tutorial Participation + Forum Posts (20%)

Group Presentation (20%)

Final essay (30%) – 2,500 words due week 13

This module is a core module for all psychology majors but i would recommend this module to those who want to minor in psychology or perhaps UEMs. There are pre-lecture videos to watch in the multimedia tab which mainly covers the content for the week. Live lectures are not compulsory and not recorded. It is mainly just to expand more on the multimedia pre-lecture videos.

Reflection Essay. Pick on aspect of ourselves (race, religion, gender, vocation etc) that is important to us and how this aspect of our identity influences us (thoughts, behaviors, feelings) and interacts with the environment (other people). How the social aspect of us benefits us or holds us back. In the essay, it is about self-reflection and connecting it to 3 course concepts learnt earlier.

Final Essay. Identify 1 behaviour we want to change and set a concrete goal. Keep track of the behavior for a minimum of 2 days and then try to change it for 2 weeks. The essay will be about how this change attempt went and why it failed/succeeded. Connection to 4 course concepts needed and it is also about reflection.

Group presentation was done differently. Instead of a typical PowerPoint presentation, we were asked to do a podcast recording regarding anything to social psychology. Max 15mins. The podcast was fun to make and during the presentation day which is the 4th tutorial session, every group plays the podcast for everyone to listen.

Tutorial participation and forum posts. During tutorials, we go into breakout rooms and discuss some questions the tutor proposes. After which we return to the main room and then present what we have discussed. My tutor was Prof Kaur and she is amazing. She asks a lot of thought provoking questions and every session is very interesting.

Across the semester there were 3 forum posting periods. Each lasting a week. All 3 are regarding podcasts. First posting asks us to listen to 2 podcasts related to social psychology and write about what it is about and what are the good points about it which we can learn and use in our podcasts. Second posting asks us to review 4 posts made by others during the first round and assess if we agree / disagree with their posts. Last posting round asks us to assess at least 2 groups’ podcasts. What are our thoughts on it, what the podcast was arguing for and the strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, this module is really interesting and fun. The new approach to group presentation was fresh and fun. Concepts taught in this course are very applicable and interesting since it involves us and the environment. I recommend this module to those minoring in psychology.

Expected Grade: A-

Actual Grade: A

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