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NUS Module Review: PL3232 Biological Psychology

Lecturer: Dr Camilo Libedinsky

Assessment format:

5% Pre-lecture Online Quizzes

50% Tutorial Individual Quizzes

10% Tutorial Group Quizzes

5% Tutorial Group Participation

30% Final Exam (Short-Answer Questions)

Textbook used (if any): Biological Psychology (12th Edition) by James W. Kalat (Supplementary. Trust me, you’ll have enough on your hands without even reading this.)

One of the required core modules for a Psychology major in FASS, covering the biological basis of psychology and the mind, which means brain stuff. You start with neurons and synapses, then move to nervous system anatomy, vision and hearing, then higher-level cognitive processes such as memory, learning, sleep, and emotions.

BIG WARNING: If you’re like me, whose last brush with biology was in Lower Sec Combined Science, well, you’re gonna have a bad time. Better brush up, or prepare to spend a lot of time on this, because there is a lot to cover. I mean it.

The module’s structure requires you to view video lectures before the actual lecture timeslot, which was used to discuss the material using questions. The NUS-sanctioned equivalent of Kahoot was used, but worry not, because it isn’t graded. What is graded is the small quizzes you have to do (3-4 questions) after viewing the pre-lecture video tutorial, but you can redo those until you get them right.

Tutorials: Tutorials were held as two-hour sessions once every two weeks. Each tutorial serves as continuous assessment sessions. You’re given a quiz (short-answer questions), you do the quiz, then you get together in groups and do the same quiz again, where hopefully your combined knowledge means you get a better score. How tutorial participation works is that your entire tutorial group gets the same tutorial participation score, so there’s no need to fight — just speak up and encourage others to do the same.

Exams: The final exam which I took consisted of a passage where you needed to correct any false information about the content you’ve learnt. I got bamboozled, and I think so did several others, because I’ve heard rumors that bad feedback was given. Hopefully you get to take the exam in a more sensible format.

Expected grade: B+

Final grade: B

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