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NUS Module Review: PL3234 Developmental Psychology

Group Project 1&2 (Essay) 30%

Online Quiz (MCQ) 30%

Take-home Exam (Essay) 40%

Groups are assigned for the group projects but my tutor (Grace Lee En Hui) allowed us to pm her if there was anyone in particular we wanted to work with (I didn’t know anyone yet as a Year 1 who hasn’t even stepped foot on campus), and the groups did not change for project 2. It was challenging to work as a group so often throughout the sem, especially when it came to ensuring group members were responsive and contributed to the project since the module (and thus projects) were completely online but I enjoyed the topics assigned for these group essays- choose 2 out of 3 questions:

a. Analysing the suitability of a toy based on its marketed age recommendation and developmental milestones/stages of children falling within the particular age range.

b. Paper on a Piaget’s test (expected to recruit child participants on your own).

c. Interview 2 parents from different families to determine their respective parenting styles and analyse the effects of such parenting styles on their children.

Prof Qin is very clear about her expectations for the assignments/quiz and provided detailed feedback after group project 1, which made it easy to understand and prepare/produce accordingly work that would do well.

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