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NUS Module Review: PL3235 Social Psychology

One of five psychology core modules. Covers topics such as social perception, the Self, conformity, group processes, prosocial behavior, attraction, and others.

(I have a social psychology joke, but it doesn’t work when I repeat it.)

The module that taught me that sometimes, the lecturer matters almost as much as the lecture content.

Dr P insists on going over the topics of the previous week every week, which meant that half her lecture time was devoted to repeating old content, which would not have been a problem if the new content was frequently rushed. (Narrator’s voice: The new content ended up being rushed, to little surprise.) It got to the point where content was truncated from the final week’s lecture. She apparently insists on doing this for every module below the 4000-level that she takes, so word of warning, I guess.

Another tip: never take a module if the lecturer was forced to offer out of obligation, unless you absolutely have to.

My recommendation, from what I have heard from others, is that Dr Jia Lile is a good lecturer for Social Psychology.

Tutorials: Tutorials were held as two-hour sessions once every two weeks. Each tutorial serves as discussion sessions on topics related to the current week’s lecture content.

Exams: Dr P likes her exams to include MCQs, Short Answer Questions, and Fill-in-the-blank Questions. Yes, fill-in-the-blank. In a university. Where the questions weren’t even drafted to be clear and unambiguous. You can imagine that I was not very happy.

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