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My first psych elective module! Took this because I haven’t “unlocked”

other psych mods and this was one of the electives that don’t have any

core requirements.

Assessment format:

Tutorial Participation (5%)

Midterm (25%)

Group Presentation (10%)

Term Paper (10%)

Final exam (50%)

I think the module’s content is actually quite interesting! But it feels a bit cheem because it combines various aspects of psychology and I expect that this will happen in many other electives. Like there will be a biological component, a social component, a cognitive component etc.

Gave up reading the textbook called some personality puzzle thing after the first few weeks, i guess it’s quite informative but it’s quite wordy and content heavy. Points for having an interesting title though.

I don’t know how the 5% class part is given but i guess maybe just attending is sufficient? although the tutor does ask questions and expects answers.

Midterms was all mcq and it was pretty manageable.

10% for a group presentation felt abit pathetic though =/ it’s like you wouldn’t really want to put in super lot of effort because it feels like only 10%. My group had a senior who was a great directive leader and enabled us to finish the project efficiently. It’s like the first time a

project meeting was so efficient, we only met for like half an hour and like okay we should talk about this and that in the presentation then okay you take this part you take this part then we just went home to finish our own slides alr. The topics for the group presentation was

quite fun though, like nostalgia, middle-child-syndrome and my group got the dark triad. Never knew the existence of the dark triad of personality (narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy), i only know about the hongkong hei she hui hahaha. Didn’t do very well for the

presentation though sadly. Our evil scheme to use references of our tutor’s (sze ying) favourite idols/movie characters didn’t really work lol.

The percentages for this mod are quite scary. It’s like there’s so many components but in the end finals is still 50%. I was shocked when I saw that the term paper was only worth 10% because usually term papers require quite a lot of research and time spent so they are usually at least 20%. But in the end, the term paper turned out to just be a semi comprehension paper? We were given this intriguing research article and we just had to answer questions

like describe the results and talk about your own thoughts about this article. We were not allowed to use any references (Y) so the whole paper was either content from the research article or from our brains.

Just had my finals today and i think i did rather badly for it T_T

Finals was mcq (40marks) + 2 short essays (15 marks each) + 1 long essay (30marks)

Prof Hong gave REALLY REALLY OBVIOUS hints for the long essay

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