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NUS Module Review: PL4238 Social Neuroscience

Lecturer Review: Same as all other level 4000 modules in psychology, this was a 3h a week seminar. For this module, the professor divided the 3h as such: 1h of lessons (him going through the content), short break in between, and the remaining time (usually about 1.5h) for two group presentations. There was no textbook, so the content comes from the professor’s notes and the readings he assigns for group presentations. The content covered in this module is: brain anatomy and functions, theory of mind, moral judgment, altruism, fairness, trust, social rejection, prejudice, social conformity, and culture.

Module Review:

Assessment: Two separate group presentations (35% in total), Class participation (15%), Midterm paper consisting of MCQ and short answer questions (20%) and Final exam with same format (30%). For the group presentation each group is assigned a journal article one week before the presentation date and the group has to read and present on the contents of the article, and add in some extra stuff such as future direction, thought questions and further readings. And each group presents twice in the whole semester. I’m not sure what goes into class participation because attendance isn’t taken and the prof doesn’t seem to record down who contributes in class and what not.

General Thoughts: I know neuroscience sounds like a super scary concept to normal people, to be honest I was shitting my pants just thinking about taking a neuroscience module as well! But this module is relatively light in it’s neuroscience content. In fact, it might also be one of the most slack and relaxing 4000 module (according to my year 4 seniors who have taken other 4000 modules). Think it is largely dependent on the prof’s approach to teaching the subject. For this module, the prof focuses more on the social theories, and the neuroscience comes in at the end to support these theories. So thankfully it isn’t the case where I have to blindly memories what brain parts are activated in what scenarios.

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