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NUS Module Review: PL4880G Positive Psychology

What is it about?

You learn about what makes people happy, and what it means to be happy. Topics include Money and hedonics, subjective well-being vs psychological well-being, optimism, self-esteem, positive relationships, mindfulness and resilience, affective forecasting and choice.

How’s the workload?

One 3-h seminar style lecture a week. One weekly thought question (50 word limit, based on readings for that week, before she has taught it), 3 essays (500 words each), two class presentations, one closed book final exam.

It may seem like a lot of components, but it turned out quite manageable. The annoying thing was that the standard for presentations was set really high, so expect to put in a lot of time making your presentation very creative and entertaining. Oh yes, presentations are not supposed to be the standard use-Powerpoint and just talk for 15 minutes kind, needs to be creative and different.

How difficult is it?

The topics are really manageable and easy to understand, and it’s fairly intuitive at times. (e.g. being optimistic leads to a happier life). Essays may be difficult due to her very specific requirement of essay style that will probably be quite different from what you’re used to writing. My scores for my essay were 11, 14, 17 – you can see the learning process here.

Presentations as I said are quite competitive, so it pays to have someone creative in your group.

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