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NUS Module Review: SC1101E Making Sense of Society

Lectures can be a bit dry and boring because of the content but the lecturers are really passionate about what they are teaching. Dr Radics is quite funny and brings in some hilarious case studies that make things more relatable for students. Dr Lou lectures at a very easy pace and his explanations are clear, although he sometimes takes digs at students while giving examples in lecture (eg. “…such as students on their phone/not paying attention”) which might rub some people the wrong way. Lectures were not webcasted, but there were 2 lecture slots.

Tutor: Dr George Radics

He is a really engaging and witty tutor and and I really liked his tutorials. He encourages discussion and answers questions readily. Tutorials are enjoyable!

The 1200-word written assignment is due mid-semester, between recess week and reading week. Quite breezy i think, and an interesting assignment to write too! Tutorial quizzes are based on readings and content from the textbook by Joan Ferrante…although i didn’t do well in those quizzes. Readings can be just a bit dry sometimes but most are interesting (and short!) Personally i think the textbook is more important for content but because each chapter is so long, it would be wise to condense the chapters into shorter notes. This would also be better for studying for finals because there is a segment of critical definition (3m x 10) where you have to define 10 given phrases and use them in context. The other segment is an essay (20m).

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