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NUS Module Review: SE2218 Changing Economic Landscape Of Southeast Asia

Class Participation and Forum: 20%
Class Presentation: 25%
Individual Response Paper: 25%
Research Paper: 30%

Very chill mod by a super chill prof. A lot of the students here are exchange students, the bell curve is not steep at all. I didn’t go for all but the first of his lecture. Content for all submissions can be researched online.

Just reply all his forum questions to get the full marks for class participation.

Class presentation question is selected on week 1, he is really generous with the scoring, i got A+.

Individual response paper and research paper questions can be based on anything related to this module which means it can literally be any question under the universe.

He is super lenient in the marking as well. This module is the definition of chill. Highly recommend you to take it if you have a SU to spare and maybe if you do well, you won’t even need to use it.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: B+

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