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NUS Module Review: SSA2202 GEK2001 GES1003 Changing Landscapes of Singapore

Assessement: (Not too sure about the exact %s)

Participation (Tutorials and Blog Posts)

Essay (Take home during reccess week)

Group Project

Final Assignment (SAQ and Essay)

This module is about the different types of landscapes in Singapore. But honestly besides all that, it was one of the more delightful mods I took during the sem and the only one that I bothered writing for!

Since I took it in my first sem in NUS, I panic chose this mod because everything else was taken and I needed the MCs. The lectures are all online, with one recorded each week. Coming from a guy that failed Geography in Secondary School, I can safely say with enough effort you would easily get a B+ if you put in enough effort! My tutorial was by Prof Huang and I appreciated the fact that she put in the effort to design fun tutorial activities like debates and even the drawing of a HDB estate (as shown). She was even nice enough to give me a rescheduling of tutorial after I overslept.

The first essay was about Covid and the impact on the landscapes in Singapore, which covers mostly Lecture 1 content. The Groupwork was a study on a particular landscape in Singapore of your choosing which covers mostly Lecture 1 content. The final assignment was split into 2: The first part was a 30 min SAQ portion and the second part was an essay commenting on a 20-30min video they gave you (This sem was about Sikh culture and it was really interesting imo), which covers mostly Lecture 1 content. If you noticed, that is the beauty of this mod: You are only tested on the first lecture’s content. It was quite relaxing having to deal with very little content and enjoy every week’s lecture as it comes.

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