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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1141 Introduction to Classical Mechanics

Content covered are:

classical newtonian motion, linear and circular

energetics and momentum

mass dynamics

equilibria and mechanical elasticity

newtonian and kepler planetary motion

Oscillations and waves Discussion

Exam topics: everything!


as all 4mc mods, it takes ten hours per week. however, i found myself doing way much more, but it is extremely useful for future mods as it teaches, at its core,

the method of thinking when approaching physics at this level. i have done almost 300 Learning questions, practice, tutorial, mastering and all that combined, and I still

think there’s more to learn.Needless to say, pc1141 is a Necessary Evil for physics, don’t take it unless you wish unnecessary Suffering on yourself or you’re a physics major.

Then again, the Objective of the module is to gain a firm foundation on classical physics and mechanics, which will guarantee you a Turbocharged headstart to learning in nus.

All in all, i give the module a 8/10, And would definitely do it again to Learn so much more.

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