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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1142 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Optics

Unlike the other level-1 physics modules, PC1142 covers two distinct areas in physics, thermodynamics and optics. Thermodynamics, which is covered first, is the easier topic as some of the content had been covered in H2 physics; things like enthalpy, heat cycles, ideal gas law etc. Optics, on the other hand, was completely omitted in the H2 physics curriculum, so most of the content will be unfamiliar to most people.

The module is conceptually heavy; there is a lot of new content to digest, but the good news is that the mathematics is slightly toned down relative to PC1141. Also, as this is an introductory module, many of the theorems taught are given without proof, which makes things a lot easier. Still, the emphasis remains on computational questions, and some knowledge of basic calculus is required.

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