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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1143 Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism

Thoughts: This module is difficult because Dr Kenneth wants to bridge the gap between Year 1 and Year 2 (or so he mentions). It is probably less difficult if you know vector/multivariable calculus beforehand but it is still difficult of course. However, I think it’s still possible to do well if you practice hard enough. This means doing all the lecture worksheets right when they are given, doing the Mastering Physics assignments before the last minute, and doing the tutorial questions to the best of your abilities no matter how painful it is.

Lecturer/Tutor: Dr Kenneth is probably one of my best lecturers/tutors that sem, maybe ever. He explains things very well and you can learn a lot about the thought process of solving the problems from him.

Test: If you have been doing your lecture worksheets, MP assignments, and tutorials diligently, you should be able to do most of the questions. It’s just whether or not you have enough time to do so. I think it’s probably the same case for the finals which was cancelled for us.

Worksheets: These are given almost every lecture containing 2 questions each and are to be submitted at the end of the sem (so you could do the week 1 lecture worksheets in week 13 and it would be alright). These aren’t difficult and Dr Kenneth gives away the solutions anyway (so you could just copy-paste his solutions). IIRC he will give full marks even if your answers are wrong, he marks based on whether you did and submitted them regardless of how you did them even if you copy-pasted. These are basically give away marks, but while you could put zero effort in them, I’d recommend actually doing them yourself, and actually doing them right when you receive them to learn the most from them. He gives away the full solutions but you should just check the answers only, not the method, and keep redoing them until you get the answer to maximise your learning.

Lab: There are 4 lab sessions where you will have to do a pre-lab worksheet before the lab session before being allowed to do the lab experiment. After doing the experiment and gathering the data, you will have to do the data analysis and post-lab worksheet on the spot before submitting within the lab session. I recommend preparing your excel sheets with all the formulae and formatting ready before going for the lab session to save time in the lab session because they usually have to close the lab not long after the lab session ends. Consider doing your excel files when you do your pre-lab worksheet perhaps.

Mastering Physics Assignments: These assignments are done online through Mastering Physics. These are not as difficult as the tutorials but they are still difficult enough to be really time consuming.

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