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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1221 Fundamentals of Physics I

Expect heavy commitment on your timetable as there are 3 components of this module: Lecture, Tutorial and Lab. PC1221 (along with PC1222) are the ‘bridging modules’ for H2 Physics

Lectures are held twice a week and are not webcasted. Prof Tay’s lectures are actually worth your time as he finds ways to impart concepts to you in a way that it is easy for you to understand. Prof Tay is very nice so if you don’t understand anything, just clarify with him after class.

Tutorial is conducted once every 2 weeks. Do your tutorial properly and pay attention during class. Always try your best for tutorial as they are challenging but just do your best so you will know what is going on during tutorial. Dr Raditya will answer your queries and he will clear up your misunderstandings.

Lab is conducted once very 2 weeks and has to be handed in the next day after lab. Experiments are largely straightforward, but most important thing is that you must understand the objective of the experiment. Hone your excel skills for all the labs though because all experiment requires the use of excel. Don’t see it as a chore because you will still need excel at work.

As for CA and Finals, there are both standard and higher order thinking (HOT) questions. HOT questions are meant to be tough so don’t be discouraged as Prof Tay gets very creative in setting papers. Overall, this mod is actually manageable as Prof Tay makes concepts interesting and relatable. Even though it consumes my UE, I really enjoyed this mod.

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