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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1431 Physics IE

I found this mod particularly time consuming and challenging. Poly students (even in Engineering) will find that the depth of Physics covered is much deeper than that covered in Poly. Familiar topics such as Energy Conservation/ Thermofluids are tested in extremely great detail. New topics will be First/ second moment of area and CG of centroid. JC students will have an easier time if you’re good in H2 Physics new topics will be Thermofluids and calculation of CG and second moment of area of 3D objects. But overall this mod is SU-able and I thoroughly enjoyed it for its concepts and the perspective it gave me.

Pro tips:

– Do ALL tutorials/ optional tutorials before you go for them.(it’s normal to not even know how to start the question, if you’re here refer to point below)

– Seek weekly consultations from Tutors, they’re very good.

– Lecture was on Monday, 8am. I’d suggest webcasting it and rewatching webcast at least 3 times.

– Downloading extra topical exercises from online will be useful.

– Textbook is very good, has alot of exercises and explanations which are in escalating difficulty (I find this very useful as the tutorials are super hard and the textbook has questions that vary in difficulty with good explanations of answers)

– Do ALL questions in Mastering Physics (for the assignment itself you can find the answers online easily, be careful as they change the values in the questions sometimes)

– Clarify all concepts that you’re not sure of. Test and Exam test understanding of concepts. Questions very likely to be nothing that you’ve seen before in lectures/ tutorials but have similar concepts.

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