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NUS Physics Module Review: PC1432 Physics IIE

Alas the curse of all foundation engineering core modules rears its ugly head again – a module that covers a lot (perhaps too much) of breadth over an extremely short time. Over the span of one semester this module covers major topics of electromagnetism (without going into multivariable calculus), electronics, wave nature of light, and even very basic quantum physics (up to a brief treatment on particle in a box problems). If this sounds like a lot of content for you, that’s because it is.

For requisite knowledge, I will say that none is required. The treatment of the content (electromagnetism and quantum) is extremely different from what H2 Physics normally teaches. In terms of mathematics, you won’t need the fancy tools that you learnt from the MA15XX series of modules – a good grasp of vectors, and a familiarity with calculus will do. (If you are ever asked to integrate some ‘monster’, they will normally give hints to solve them)

If you are taking this module, chances are that it’s probably pre-allocated to you as part of your core requirements in engineering. If this isn’t you, and you decide to take PC1432 to fulfill a prerequisite, minor requirement, or purely out of interest, I would strongly suggest having a look at PC1143 and PC1144 first (the physics home faculty introductory mods). PC1143 covers a basic introduction electromagnetism, and PC1144 is a very adequate introduction to modern physics. These modules cover largely the same content (with the exception of maybe wave nature of light which is covered in much more detail in PC1142) and without the rush to finish all of it in one module.

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