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NUS Physics Module Review: PC2130B Applied Quantum Physics

A very computational module, with most of the work coming from calculating first/second-order corrections to wavefunction and energy in perturbation theory (time-dependent and independent, including degenerate states) and estimating ground-state energy using variational principle. A copious amount of derivations are gone through during the lectures, but it will require some linear algebra and ODE knowledge to appreciate them.

– Welcome to the world of Gaussian integrals

– Very huge gulf in comparison to PC2130, the Physics version of the module. Minimal treatment of angular momentum and few problems involving proofs, but more application oriented. To test for mastery, do attempt PC2130 past year papers

– Conceptual understanding is worth its weight here and will help with the mathematical computations involved

– Pace is slightly fast during the mathematically heavy sections (around just after recess week), good to read up ahead

– Tutorial questions serve as pretty manageable practice

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