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NUS Physics Module Review: PC2134 Mathematical Methods in Physics I

10/10 would recommend, be prepared to take the most engaging and soul-sucking module you’ll ever take. You will try to study other modules and give up, but no matter what, you will still end up forsaking all other responsibilities to spend hours upon hours on pc2134 assignments. Very worthwhile, and definitely teaches you mathematical maturity.

The first half of the semester may seem familiar / doable if you’ve taken multivariable calculus before (although I think the preclusions have changed) but that is wrong. Every assignment and tutorial tests a deep level of understanding.

Top Tips:

Levi-civita notation is your best friend, better than diamonds or dogs, practice until it is more natural than breathing. Vector identity proofs (usually part a of a question) are perhaps the only free marks on the test and exam.

Heavyside and Dirac delta appears all the time when transforming to Laplace and Fourier Space. Lots of tricks and tricks to make your life less miserable.

Preferably, take with friends so that you will have collective brainpower. Alternatively, feel free to ask Kenneth for any problems in the assignments (I don’t think he minds), or pester friends that do so.

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