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NUS Physics Module Review: PC3231 Electricity & Magnetism II

Topics covered are the remainder of the textbook used in PC2131. Did you like PC2131 or don’t mind doing no nonsense mathematics? This is one of the modules to consider.

This is the second module I took under Prof Lim. His lectures are supplemented with extra stuff not in the lecture notes, and he goes through almost every single step of derivations in the lecture notes. That’s a good thing especially during revision. Usually in his tests and exams you will see stuff that appeared somewhere during the lecture or tutorials…

Tutorials are conducted after each topic is finished by Dr Kenneth, with the exception of one tutorial when he was on leave. This is the 4th semester I’m seeing him… the tutorial questions are from the textbook.

As described in the module description from the department, a certain degree of mathematical manipulation is required. The training from level 2 modules should be sufficient to tackle this module.

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