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NUS Physics Module Review: PC3274 Mathematical Methods in Physics II

The syllabus has changed quite a bit since the previous reviewer’s year. Fourier Transforms and Laplace Transforms are gone (moved to MM1) with a new chapter on Representation Theory instead. This, along with Group Theory, Calculus of Variations, Tensors and Complex Analysis forms the entirety of the course.

Prof Edwards is great lecturer, and makes the content seem easy, even. But the bell curve is steep (for some reason, all the geniuses end up in this module one way or the other), and the exams are generally quite straightforward so careless mistakes can honestly drop you a whole letter grade. The exams and test are usually quite similar to the tutorial questions, so work through these: don’t just read through the solutions.

Riley’s book is the gold standard, and for good reason. If you want to study some of the stuff in more depth, the standard math textbooks are not bad either. I learnt a lot from YouTube animations for this module also.

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