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NUS Physics Module Review: PC5201 Advanced Quantum Mechanics

We covered Feynman path integrals, Identical particles, Relativistic single-particle QM, and Quantum field theory (Scalar fields, Spinor fields, and EM field). Note scattering and appoximation theory are listed in the description but not really covered.

One of only three physical modules I had in the sem! I can proudly say that for once I attended very nearly every lecture. Mostly because a) the lectures are good, and b) because the lecture notes only really have an outline of the topics, and have typos here and there, so you basically *have* to be present to take physical notes. Almost all the derivations are done on the board, line by line, so you don’t miss out on your understanding.

We had two term tests and a finals, along with weekly homework. The homework is only one, usually straightforward question. None of the tests were too difficult per se, although the exam was definitely the hardest of the lot. Practice all the tutorial questions well and you should be able to handle the assessments relatively well. The exams are designed in such a way that you learn a lot: through the exam questions I learnt about spontaneous symmetry breaking, the dirac cone, amongst other things.

MM2 really should be a pre-requisite for this module: we use quite freely contour integrations, tensors, and bits of group theory. The module also complements GR well, in that in both modules you will spend quite some time playing with indices. If you had the pleasure of taking CFT with Dr. Yeo Ye, go through as much of it as you can. In particular, the parts on rotations, Hamiltonian mechanics, and Noether’s theorem are useful. I used these notes as a reference throughout this module. It is not strictly necessary, all of this is covered again here but it’s nice to know.

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