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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST2131 Probability

Assesment: 30% Midterms (split into 8 mini Quizzes), 70% Take home assignment.

This module is a graduation requirements for MA,AM,ST and many other mods. Also, depending on which semester you take this module (as a MA or as a ST), experience may differ greatly. Finally, this is the covid sem.

This module is divided into 8 chapters, and the first few are reviews of high school combinatorics. Later on, it will touch the properties of famous distributions such as normal and poisson, joint distributions, covariance, expected value properties and many more advanced tricks. Hence, do not get complacent in this module.

The lecturer is rather slow in delivery and uses manual projections to explain the calculations (idk the name for the tool). Also, the accent is not the clearest. However, his notes are one of the best that I’ve seen in NUS. Learning from his notes should be sufficient. When COVID strikes, the lectures become online videos.

The tutorial consists of several problems from the book (Sheldon Ross’ First Course in Probability), which will be explained by the tutor. Attendance is optional, in fact some of the sessions have only 2-3 people coming. The questions are moderate, and I recommend to come to clear some doubts.

The midterm is switched to 8 mini quizzes due to COVID. They are open book, so you should be fine. The finals is a home assignment, so I do not take much time to review this mod, rather I learn (by google) as I do the exam itself. Note that this mod becomes 100% google-able due to the conditions.

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