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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST2334 Probability and Statistics

Module Difficulty/Contents: Easy. Most of it is already covered before we came to NUS, so some attention is only needed in the later half regarding statistical tests and estimations. Note that the students taking this class are mostly from SoC, not actual math/stats majors.

Workload: Almost none. There was supposed to be a midterm, but that got converted to LumiNUS Quizzes held online. With a few reads of your lecture notes, they are definitely doable.

Grade Breakdown:

30% Online Quizzes (x3)

70% Finals

Skip lecture?: Yes! The notes are comprehensive and easy to understand. I did not attend them since the start of the semester, even before lectures got pushed online. I was taught by Ms Wong who seems nice for the only 30min I spent in physical lectures.

Additional comments: Administration of this module is terrible, especially for finals, since the instructions for the next day’s MORNING exam was given the PREVIOUS NIGHT, with only around twelve hours to prepare.

The online final was too lengthy and hence most did not complete it; do budget your time wisely if this happens again.

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