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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3131 Regression Analysis


10% Tutorial/Class participation

20% Midterm Test (25th Percentile: 77, 50th Percentile: 87, 75th Percentile: 93, Mean: 83.7, Standard Deviation: 12.6)

10% Group Project

60% Final Exam

Tl;dr: The teaching quality is bad or non-existent, but the content is quite easy so just self-learn and practice hard. Group with your friends for the project, if not soloing is also manageable, it’s not very difficult.

Dr Zhang has a very strong chinese accent when he lectures and it got so bad that that has put some exchangers off and they’ve just stop attending the lectures after recess week. His lecture materials were also extremely outdated, he used to teach this module 2 decades ago and hadn’t changed his materials since, so his lecture slides and even tutorials are still typeset using Microsoft Powerpoint 1995. The TA was a grad student who was extremely bad at teaching and was often unprepared, it wasn’t uncommon that she got so confused herself halfway and just asked the class to try to identify her (trivial careless) mistake on the whiteboard, I think I would honestly make a better TA than her. The tutorials were graded so we had to submit them to IVLE by Saturday 2359 every week but I don’t know how strictly were they enforced, the grades of the tutorials were not revealed and the TAs didn’t seem to be aware of the grading either. Due to the bad teaching, doing the tutorials can be a challenge if you’re not active in self-learning, it’s just too difficult to decipher anything out of the badly written notes. The tutorials are mostly computational and require you to use R to obtain some results, but don’t be intimidated, R is quite easy to pick up.

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