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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3233 Applied Time Series Analysis

The contents are not complicated at all, unlike all the proving you see for the maths modules. It is very applied and close to life. Apart from showing a lot of R code examples on Time Series analysis in the lecture notes, Dr Vik also let us get exposed to tools like R Markdown (rmd). Rmd is a documentation writing tool that combines R snippets, R plots and LaTeX nicely.

Among the 3 assignments, 2 of them are actually DataCamp modules where you must complete the module. Meanwhile, Dr Vik has provided us with access to all other resources on DataCamp where there are about 80-90 different modules in different areas, just for that semester. The other assignment took up 10%, and involved coming up a report on time series analysis on self-sourced data set. The report must be submitted in rmd.

The pace of the teaching is just nice and Dr Vik is very patient and clear in his explanation. He is one of the most effective lecturers in NUS so far I have experienced.

The final was not hard, or, actually very straight forward if you have understood the concepts. However, there were actually 2 long essay questions, in which you must demonstrate the thought process and reasoning.

10% Tutorial Attendance

15% Assignments (2.5 + 10 + 2.5)

25% Midterm

50% Final

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