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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3240 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

this module is assessed based on group project, tutorial presentation, assignments and final exam. the group project is fairly simple.. it involves a default multivariate dataset in R where the group is expected to explore various ways to classify the observations.. in the end, written report and presentation were expected from each group with the presentation happening late in the semester. tutorial presentation will be done with the same group members.. presenting only once per semester. there were 2 assignments which were manageable in terms of difficulty and time given. final exam was tedious.. tons of questions. though open book exam, expect little or no time to check your work.

easy module. though content seems rather taxing when i put out in words above, i personally find this module very manageable. let’s say you learn 20 new things in this module.. i would say probably 9 of them you would study in depth? the rest more or less touch-and-go kind. nonetheless, this module serves as a really important module for your future if you are intending work in a data field and what not. for assignments, aim to score full or close to full marks. don’t sweat the project since the percentage was low.

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