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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3241 Categorical Data Analysis I

this module teaches you the many ways to handle categorical data and variables. you will get familiar with numerous models and methods such as logit models, poisson models, odds ratio, relative risk and many more. this module exposes you to quite a few or R packages as well which can be rather useful.

there is not much room for errors when taking this module.. the bell curve is rather steep. this is where the stress comes from. the content and what not is manageable though tutorial submissions can be a little annoying. these submissions are done weekly and most questions require R to be done. there are quite a few proofs as well but in exams, normally the last question is proving.. that’s all. exam questions are similar to tutorial questions.. of course R outputs will be given. be very familiar with the explanation of each output and what to score well in exams.  

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