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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3243 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology

this is like a very good amalgamation of statistics and epidemiology. you get to learn more on odds ratio, relative risk, dealing with confounders, standardisation of data, logit regression, poisson regressoin and many more. you will get to learn how to analyse a dataset from epidemiology point of view as well.

easy module but nonetheless very informative. the only catch is the classes are late in the afternoon/evening.. 6pm to 10pm. on paper, the lecture is 3 hours and tutorial is 1 hour but most of the time you will end by 9pm. the class is sort of mostly lecture because there are no tutorials to do as well. due to the small class size, the lecture is very area to learn and interact. the individual project is manageable just very time consuming. do make sure to practise past year papers to be really familiar with the format and type of questions to expect for finals.

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