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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST3246 Statistical Models for Actuarial Science

For some reason this module is extremely popular. I spent over 1000 bid points for the module as I’m really determined to get it because it will help me prepare for my SOA exam in February. I’m not sure why others are so keen in it tho. Perhaps, because it is only offered once every 2 years, or because of the word ‘Actuarial’ in it (Taking this mod, however will NOT help you break into the actuarial career if you are not intending to take the professional actuary exams).

The module is taught by A/P Lim Tiong Wee. A good lecturer and extremely patient when going through his tutorials. However the pace for tutorial can be quite slow sometimes. The workload is extremely light for this module with an average of 3/4 questions per tutorial and a total of 6 assignment questions which are a give away. The finals is, however, a completely different story. While his assignments focuses on calculations and application, his final is purely theoretical. I believe many, including me, are caught off guard by it. It also does not help that the paper is extremely difficult and I can barely do half of it.

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